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 Board of Directors
and Officers


HPREC of Oregon has 10 directors - of which 5 are officers. The Board of Directors is responsible for planning club activities, publishing a quarterly newsletter, representing the club members outside of the Corvallis area, volunteering at community events, such as Day of Caring, Walk for the Cause, Tax Aide and other functions deemed necessary to meet the needs of our members. Our officers and board members are elected for a 2 year term.

HPREC-Oregon Board of Directors

Board of Directors: Board of Directors: L-R: Evelyn Martin, Gary Miller, Rita Pinard, Ken Parker, Sharon Butterfield, Steve Naberhuis, Mike Murphy, Sheri Swaney and Judy York (missing from photo is Young Lauw)

   Officers for 2019

President Sharon/Len Butterfield
Vice President Sheri Swaney
Treasurer Steve Naberhuis
Secretary Young Lauw
Membership Judy York

   Board Members for 2019

Newsletter Sharon/Len Butterfield
Sunshine Evelyn Martin
Activities Sharon Butterfield
Sheri Swaney
Evelyn Martin
Young Lauw
Steve Naberhuis
Gary Miller
Ken Parker
Mike Murphy
Rita Pinard
Camping Len Butterfield
Ken Parker

Associate Member for 2019: Len Butterfield

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