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Membership Eligibility

Membership is open to those who meet at least one of the following conditions:

  1. You have to have worked for HP or Agilent for at least 10 years and are no longer employed by either. You can be a VSI, WFR, EER or retiree and it is not necessary to have a gold or platinum badge to join.
  2. Is presently on permanent disability and was working at HP and/or Agilent at the time of his or her permanent disability
  3. Retired at age sixty (60) or older without completing ten (10) years of service.
  4. Is the surviving spouse or partner of a member in good standing at the time of member's death.

If you have a circumstance not covered above, you can apply to the HPREC of Oregon Board of Directors for membership consideration.


How to Join

If you meet the membership eligibility requirements and wish to join the HPREC of Oregon, please complete the membership form and mail to the address provided on the form. To download the form, CLICK HERE.