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Activities, Chair Sharon Butterfield lsbutterfield560@aol.com
Activities Jeannie Reinke
Young Lauw young.lauw@gmail.com
Steve Naberhuis steve.naberhuis@comcast.net
Ken Parker kennethparker3@comcast.net
Bill McCormick bmccor1@yahoo.com
Bunco Lew/Kathleen Peters klpete56@msn.com
HPREC Picnic, Chair Lew Peters klpete56@msn.com
Len Butterfield lsbutterfield560@aol.com
Camping Len Butterfield lsbutterfield560@aol.com
Ken Parker kennethparker3@comcast.net


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 No Bunco Until September
 September TBD, 2018
Day of Caring
 October 17, 2018
Oregon Olive Mill in Dayton, OR. Experience Oregon Bus Trip
This tour is an Experience Oregon trip but is of interest to our club members so we are offering it to you.

Travel by motor coach through the back roads admiring Oregon's rolling hills, vineyards and lush farmland. Stop for lunch at the Golden Valley Brew Pub, then on to Red Ridge Farms and the Oregon Olive Mill. This family-owned operation features a nursery, olive farm, tasting room, gift store. Learn about olive pressing, while tasting your way through specialty or infused olive oils and gourmet vinegars. While traveling home we will make a stop for pie at a local favorite restaurant.

Pickup is in Albany at 10:00 a.m., price is $47.00 per person and lunch is an added expense. If interested call Experience Oregon direct at 541-600-8641 or register on the web and pay: www.experienceoregon.com.

If you make reservations to go on this trip please e-mail judy.york@comcast.net so we know which of our members are going.
 December 2, 2018
HPREC Holiday Party at Adair Village - Valley Catering
Social time will begin at 1:30 p.m. and dinner will be served at 2:30 p.m. The Holiday Party will be catered. The Holiday Party invite will be sent out in the fall showing all the details for signing up. If you want to be on the committee please contact any of the following board members: Sharon Butterfield, Young Lauw, Linda and Ken Parker, Rita Pinard and Judy York, we can always use more help!