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Volunteer with your Club

The HPREC is a non-profit organization staffed and led by volunteers. If you've been considering a volunteer activity, HPREC may be your opportunity!

Whether you have a couple of hours a week or few hours a month to offer, inquire with someone to find a match.


There are a variety of activities available:

  • Be a Board member (contact Bernard Bruand at ba.president@hpretirees.org)

  • Provide administrative and/or program support for the Membership Committee (contact Oscar Lombardi at ba.membershipchair@hpretirees.org)

  • Provide event support - preparation and on-the-day-of-the-event support

    • Spring Fling Luncheon (contact Harold Kaye at ba.springfling@hpretirees.org)
    • Picnic (contact John McGowan at ba.picnic@hpretirees.org)
    • Holiday Luncheon (contact Jo-Ann Butler at ba.holidaylunch@hpretirees.org)

  • Provide programming and support to the Tech Team (contact Dan Burke at ba.techteam@hpretirees.org)

Our members have an impressive array of skills and capabilities that can be of great value to our Club. Volunteering your time and effort will allow our Club to flourish, keep it relevant to our members, fulfill our community service commitment, and continuously improve our systems and processes. AND, we have a lot of fun! Don’t hesitate to ask, as some tasks can be infrequent and not time consuming AND done from home.

Join us in making HPREC a great retiree Club!

Bernard Bruand, HPREC President




Last modified: March 02 2018
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