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Travel Tips

Tips from your HPREC Travel Committee on making your participation in our planned activities most enjoyable.

Your Travel Committee plans some terrific adventures for you. Please read the following tips that will help you know where to find out what is being planned for you and to assist in getting your reservation processed expeditiously. Venture out and join us!

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What's going on (two ways to find out)

1) On our Club home page's left navigation column, click on the Calendar of Events link to see a list of activities. For your planning purposes, information may be available here before the reservation slip appears in a newsletter.

2) In the latest newsletter, review the flyers that include the sign-up forms.

The newsletters are available on our Club website (click on Newsletters link) in color, one-column format for easy and enjoyable reading. If there’s a particular trip you are interested in, print off the flyer, fill out the reservation slip, send it in ASAP, as some trips fill up very quickly.

If you are opting to continue to receive the paper version of the newsletter through the postal mail, you can review the planned activities and obtain the sign-up forms from there.

Registration Tips

  • Please send a separate check with your reservation slip for each event. You can send multiple reservation slips in the same envelope, but please do not staple or attach checks, nor send one check for multiple events. This is absolutely necessary because payments for memberships, luncheons, and trip reservations are processed by different volunteers and checks may be deposited at different times.

  • Reservations MUST have a check enclosed with them. We cannot hold a place for anyone if the money does not accompany the request to participate in the event.

  • Please note that Trip Leaders and Event Coordinators will accept phone calls regarding the event and/or trip ONLY during normal business hours, M-F from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. While we will always make an exception for an emergency, please be judicious when invoking that exception.

  • If the reservation slip is incomplete and/or we cannot read what you have printed, we will return it to you. When the completed/corrected slip is again received, you will be added to the attendee list or wait list.

  • You will receive a confirmation email notifying you that you are confirmed or are placed on a wait list. If placed on a wait list, you will receive a follow-up email if/when that status changes.

    No email address? If you do not have an email address, you should include a stamped, self-addressed envelope for notification of your status on the attendee list. Also, send a separate letter to us, stating the fact that you have no email address, so that we can note that exception in the data base. We are trying to eliminate making phone calls for trip confirmations.

Travel Committee

The Travel Committee is chaired by Pat Fausett. The Committee meets monthly to brainstorm and plan activities that we hope are of interest to our members. If anyone has an idea for an activity, you may submit your suggestion to Pat at ba.travel@hpretirees.org for Committee consideration.

Last modified: March 01 2018
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