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Membership Renewal

Welcome back to another year of HPREC membership renewal. The deadline for your payment of dues is November 1 and will cover the upcoming fiscal year of November 1 - October 31.

To receive a new Club Directory in February (mailed to your home address we have on file), your dues of $15 must be received by December 31.

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  • Membership Renewal: Aug 1 - Nov 1: To ensure you are mailed next year's Member
    Directory, the deadline to receive any late payment is Dec 31.

  • Voting for New Board Members: Voting windows is Sep 4 - 30 and only via the email sent
    to you on Sep 4.

MEMBERSHIP RENEWAL: Aug 1 - Nov 1... no later than Dec 31

On Aug 1, you will be sent an email to renew membership online, if we have an email address for you. Submit your information through the online form and payment through PayPal by following the instructions in the email. This is our preferred choice for reduced expense and labor. You will receive email confirmation from HPREC and email payment confirmation from PayPal. Remember, you do not need to have a PayPal account to process your payment.

Please do not try to submit this form on your phone
Duplicate payments have been reported from phone submissions.

When completing the online form, choose the Renewal button. Complete all the fields to assist us in ensuring that your information is current. In providing us with you email address, you may choose what level of communication you want to receive from your Club Board (see online form for options).

Click Here To Renew and Pay Online

If you do not renew online by Sep 6 or you cannot renew online, we will mail a paper invoice to your home around Sep 15.  Renew online (Club's preferred choice) or follow instructions on the paper form and return invoice with payment by Nov 1.

If you do not renew by Nov 16, the Club will need to send a reminder invoice (additional expense for the Club). To receive an annual Member Directory, payment must be received by Dec 31.

Your confirmation of renewing your Club membership will be transaction posted to credit card or check clears at your bank. If you are unable to confirm, please contact Darlene Cano of our Membership team who can confirm for you. Her email is djcano0389@comcast.net or her phone number is in the Member Directory.

Please do NOT renew online and also send in your paper invoice, as that will result in double payment

Note: Jan 1 through Jul 31 If outside the designated renewal period, online is available for renewing or rejoining if your membership lapsed. Submit your information and payment as outlined above (see Click Here to... )


On Sep 4, you will be sent an email that invites you to vote one time on slate of Board members. Voting is only available by responding in this email. Voting window is Sep 4 - 30. Paper ballots will no longer be mailed to homes.


Last modified: August 01 2018
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