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Membership Renewal

Welcome back to another year of HPREC membership. The deadline for your payment of dues is November 1 and will cover the upcoming fiscal year of November 1 - October 31.

To receive a new Club Directory in February (mailed to your home address we have on file), your dues of $15 must be received by January 1.

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  There are two ways in which to renew:

ONLINE: Submit your information and payment through the new online form.

Click Here To Renew and Pay Online

You will first be prompted to agree to a Non-responsibility declaration statement as part of the renewal process. Once you choose I agree, you will then go to the online application. When completing the form, choose the Renewal button.

In completing the renewal application, you need to complete all fields to assist us in ensuring that your information is current. In providing us your email address, you choose what level of communication you wish to receive from your Club Board (see online application).

For FY16, as we continue to fully develop our online capability, you will also be mailed to your home a Renewal/Dues Invoice and a paper Ballot to vote for new Board members. In addition, we are also sending you an HPREC Annual Event Survey that we hope you will either complete online or mail back in with your ballot.
  • If you renew membership and complete the survey online, please return only your ballot by postal mail.

  • If you do not renew online, return the renewal form with payment, the ballot and the survey by the due date.

MAIL THE RENEWAL FORM: If you choose to follow the manual process, once you receive our Membership Renewal packet mailed to your home, we ask that you return the completed Membership Renewal form and Ballot, along with your check by the due date indicated on the form. Your confirmation of renewing your Club membership will be in the usual form of your cancelled check.


Last modified: August 08 2015
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