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Membership Eligibility

Any former HP, Agilent or Keysight employee (including a former employee of an HP or Agilent acquisition who joins HP or Agilent and then retires or leaves HP, Agilent, or Keysight (ex: Tandem, DEC, others) is qualified for membership after satisfying at least one of the following conditions:

(a) must have received at least ten (10) years of company(ies) service credit;

(b) is presently on permanent disability and was working at company(ies) at the time of his/her disability;

(c) retired at age sixty (60) years or older without completing ten (10) years at company(ies); or

(d) is the surviving spouse or partner of a member in good standing at the time of such member's death.

If you have a circumstance not covered above, you can apply to the HPREC Board of Directors for membership consideration.
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     The HPREC Bay Area Club welcomes retirees from legacy companies

  If, after reviewing the above eligibility requirements, you would like to join the Bay Area Club, you can join one of three ways:

ONLINE: Submit your information and payment through the new online form.

Click Here to Join and Pay Online

You will first be prompted to agree to a Non-responsibility declaration statement as part of the enrollment process. Once you choose I agree, you will then go to the online application. When completing the form, choose the New button and complete all fields in application.

If you wish to appear in the Club Directory that is mailed to your home every February, choose that option and a pop-down will appear allowing you to select what information you agree to be published.

The Club Directory is a hard copy booklet with a wealth of helpful information:
  • Company contacts
  • Change of address instructions
  • Retiree web introduction information
  • List of all Club members and their contact information
The current year´s booklet will be mailed to you in your Welcome Packet once you join and you will appear the next time it is updated, if you have so chosen.

PRINT THE FORM: The membership form will appear onscreen as a PDF file, which you can print, fill out & mail to HPREC at the address on the form.

HAVE THE FORM MAILED TO YOU: Please fill in the information below and click the "Send email" button. An email containing your information will be sent to the Membership Chairperson.

Last modified: August 08 2015
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