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About HPREC Discounts

Certain discounts are available to HP, Agilent and Keysight members. Eligibility for discounts and restrictions are referenced below.
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Bay Area Employee Programs or
HP Vendor & Merchant Discounts or
HP Company Store

Hewlett Packard sponsored discounts are available on this external HP Bay Area Employee Programs web page to allow eligible retirees to browse outside the HP firewall. By going to the Bay Area Employee Programs website, you can navigate to the other two websites, or just click on the separate links on our Club's home page, under Discount Corner.

Username and password are required and are the same as other secure areas of the HP retiree website. This access information is available in several ways:

  • If you are an HPREC member, to get the user name and password information, refer to the front pages of your annual HPREC Member Directory, as your Club membership qualifies you to participate in many of these Employee Programs discounted offerings even if you did not retire under a "qualified" retirement program. Or, refer to the bi- monthly email sent to you when the latest newsletter is posted online, if you chose that Member Option.

  • For those former employees who retired under a qualified retirement program and are not a Club member, click on "Forgot the username/password" link on the Bay Area Employee Programs page to obtain the password from HP.
Click here to proceed and see the discounts available and/or to request the access information.

HP Employee Purchase Program (EPP) Company code required to register for Bay Area Employee Programs. HP retirees use code 47 and Agilent retirees use code 248. For subsequent Logins, you will use the username and password you enter at registration.

Last modified: July 28 2015
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