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Delta Dental of California

HPREC offers two dental plan options and both are specific to this Club.

       -  DeltaCare USA - DHMO
       -  DeltaCare USA - PPO (effective Jan 1, 2017)

You must be a member of the HPREC Bay Area Club and living in California to enroll and to maintain coverage.

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General Information

HPREC has negotiated insurance plans with Delta Dental for our current members residing in California. Maintaining HPREC membership of at least one member of a family is a requirement to continue enrollment in these plans.

HPREC, INC. has no responsibilities or liabilities regarding this insurance. The plan is NOT administered by HPREC, INC.; it is administered by Delta Dental of California. 

All questions should be referred to Delta Dental's Contact Center at the following toll free numbers:

           - DeltaCare USA (DHMO plan) 800-422-4234

- Delta Dental of CA (PPO plan) 800-765-6003

If you have general eligibility or continuing coverage questions or if you run into issues with Delta Dental that you cannot resolve directly with them, contact our HPREC Dental Plan liaison at ba.dentalplan@hpretirees.org.

Click HERE for HMO offering

Click HERE for PPO offering

Last modified: March 06 2018
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